Hello there, and welcome.

You’re probably wondering, “how exactly does one pronounce ENT-X?”

Well if you weren’t, now we got you thinking.

Our clients usually go with their gut and stick to one of the following pronunciations:

ĕnt-ĕks     •     ĕn-tĕks     •     ĕn-tē-ĕks     •     ēe-ĕn-tē-ĕks

And now we got you muttering these under your breath.

Choose the one you’re most comfortable with, and let us know why. It’ll make us smile. 🙂

Whether you’re an established ENTerprise or an ENTrepreneur just ENTering the field, you are ENTitled to good work.
At ENT-X, we help ENTities ENTice customers and ENTrap loyalty with our very well-rounded branding toolbox.

We have a dual personality.
Our ENTJ side makes us goal-oriented strategizers, quick to see inefficiency and conceptualize new solutions— we like bringing order to the world around us.
Our ENFP side makes us people-centered creators, both imaginative and inventive— we like focusing on possibilities, helping others explore their creative potential.

So, ENTrust us with even your most ENTropic, ENTangled promotional concepts and ideas
that ENTail the smallest of details. Our ENTourage will handle it in its ENTirety.


Let’s play with possibilities.

OK, now that we’ve got your ‘ENT’erest, let us share a bit more about who we are and what we do.

ENT-X actually stands for Effective Nexus Tools X— the X representing a variable and nexus meaning “a connection linking two or more things”
or “the central and most important point or place”. The word in Latin means “a binding together,” which is funny, because we do binding too.

Combined, ENT-X is a branding solution provider equipped with unique complementary tools. With over a decade of printing and private label experience
under our ‘tool’ belt, we know the best places around the world to source and produce just what you need all within your budget and timeline.

ENT-X isn’t your typical neighbourhood playground. It’s international love with us.
Bring in any type of request and we and our friends in Canada, US, Korea, China, and Europe will back you up.

After working with us once, you’ll want to come back and try double-skipping on the monkey bars and build bigger sandcastles in our playground of possibilities.

Let’s have some fun!


(CLEVER|ENDEAVOUR) On goes the quest to be memorable, original and clever. Trust us to complete your endeavour.- Unlimited Solutions
(SHORT|SUPPORT) Where you fall short, you have our support. Our friendly and dedicated team is always ready to serve you better.- Neighbourly Service
(STICK|QUICK) Deadlines are sensitive, we know. That’s why we stick to our guarantee and deliver, quick.- Impeccably Reliable
(IFFY| JIFFY) This rarely happens, but if your orders come out iffy, we'll reprint or replace, in a jiffy.- Quality Guarantee
(RAVE|SHAVE) We globally source products your customers will rave about. You get to shave down operational costs with our rapid multi-channel fulfillment.- Universal Sourcing
(CARE|SHARE) We care to contribute to our community at large. Speak to us about your cause and we can share varying degrees of support.- Easily Approachable